How To Make Syma S107 Mini Helicopter Fly Faster

I want my Syma S107 to fly faster. How Do I do this?

Out of the box the Syma S107 also called Syma S107G flies really well and just so stable to hover and move forward, back or turn 360 degrees.Why change this? Like me you want more speed.

So this is one modification I have done and recommend for more speed is changing the rear tail motor blade.

Not really that hard but a few tips to follow:

You need to buy Picooz tail blades.These are cheap to buy and usually come in a pack of three. They are some what bigger and designed in a different way but you can not fit them without some changes to your Syma S107:

They have the same pin hole size to fit the rear tail motor shaft, however because they are bigger in size you need to invert the tail motor, if not will hit main blades and alter turbulence so when you push control to go forward will go the opposite way backwards.

These are the things you need to do:

First loosen decal and move forward or take off completely as ads to lighter tail boom.

Next loosen tail motor screw and turn so upside down, make sure aligned center to tail boom and tighten screw. The screw will not go flush as no hole on reverse of tail boom.

Now change the original tail blade to Picooz blade. Do this with care and do not force and pull out rear motor as can break the wiring. Hold silver motor with pliers if stiff and pull off old blade and replace. You are now good to go.

Happy fast flying your Syma S107G.

To me the Syma flies really well out of the box, but mad guys like me want more speed.This is easy to do and change back if not really happy with this concept. Battery power for flying does diminish a little so only fly for 5 minutes and wait 15 minutes after flying before a recharging to let the battery cool down as saves battery life. You should do this really with every remote toy to preserve the battery.

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