Best beginner outdoor rc helicopter?

BcRich145 Asked: Best beginner outdoor rc helicopter?

I purchased a syma s107 last month, and im having tons of fun with the little thing indoors. Now i feel i’m ready to move onto a larger, outdoor rc helicopter( to be flown in slight wind ). For the money, what helicopter is best for a beginner? I’ve been looking on my own and theres just too many for me to make a decision.. I want to try and get the best heli i can for the money (<$150).


John Treby Answered:
I have heaps of mini helicopters especially the Syma S107- I also have the Syma S032 which is the bigger brother and is not infra red remote so flies out side on a calm day.

It really gets down to how much you might want to spend- If you start going into the hundred dollar mark plus you can not beat Nine eagles helis and of course models from Walkera. First consider cost if you are going to single coaxial blade helicopters they are considerable harder to fly and getting a simulator from Say Ebay for $20 is well worth it as you can practice on your computer. You see one is going from a 3 channel helicopter (syma107) to 4 and 6-7 channel helicopters which have lot more movement hence control gets harder.

I got a Walkera Dragonfly 4G6S 6CH Metal RC Helicopter with a brushless motor for $300 now I know that is more than you want to spend,however my advice is I know once you fly a 4 channel helicopter you will wish you had spent a bit more money to go the full hog as you will be totally hooked, The difference of spending $300 to $150 for a rc helicopter is enormous-built really well many spares available and easy to repair and made of high quality materials,also the remotes can be $200 on their own which are supplied with say the Dragon fly and can be binded with other helicopters.

In your price you can not beat the Skyartec NINJA 400 CCPM 6CH RC Helicopter for around $170- I have put some links to where I buy my helis below-hope that helps.

Augusto Ferrando Answered:
I suggest you the honey bee v2 from

it is the best helicopter I’ve had ever flown and you can also buy “upgrades” that will make the heli fly like a CP helicopter (collective pitch 3D aerobatic helicopter) the only thing that you won’t be able to do is fly upside down…

go to and search “honey bee v2″ it is at 100 bucks and comes in 2 colors, red and green, I purchased the green one, I like green… also, shipping is 10 bucks so it would be 110 dollars, very cheap and it’s a 4ch helicopter, 300 size which is like 510mm long…

the upgrades you can buy it from

check them out, the only upgrades that will work the best for honey bee v2 is the super paddles and the super blades XP, you also need to buy their carbon fiber flybar, when you put that into the honey bee v2, believe me that it makes it the best fixed pitch helicopter that can fly when there is wind below 10miles per hour… more than that, you need to have balls to fly it and good nerves, hope I helped.

oh and, if you crash, you only need to replace the rotor head and rarely the rings that connect the flybar tot he rotorhead (it can handle up to 5 crashes without breaking anything, depends on how hard you crash)

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